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What are the best ways to use Black Truffle Sea Salt?

What are the best ways to use Black Truffle Sea Salt?

Truffle salt is one of the world’s most aromatic and luxurious condiments. It is simply irresistible.

Most people, however, first come across truffle salt when they receive it as a gift, and are left wondering how to use truffle salt and what to use truffle salt for.

But first, some history.

What is a Truffle?

Truffles are edible fungi, very much like mushrooms. They grow underground and are incredibly difficult to cultivate. For centuries, people tried to find the secret about cultivating truffles, and only a few were successful.

Because of this, truffles are quite expensive. It is actually estimated that the demand for truffles is ten times higher than the supply available worldwide.

Currently, there are several truffle-growing areas around the world, including Italy, France, and the US.

What is Truffle Salt made of? Truffle Salt History

Infusing oil and salt with truffles has been a recent development in the US. The very first company to market the truffle salt combination did so in 2006.

Because truffle salt uses real pieces of truffle to infuse and blend with sea salt, and because it is more affordable than truffle alone, it has been widely popular ever since.

What does Truffle Salt taste like?

The black truffle binds to the sea salt grain and creates an earthy, savory flavor. It’s flavor comes strongly from its earthy aroma, much like mushrooms but more unique.

Truffle salt is a highly coveted and luxurious spice because it instantly elevates an ordinary dish to create a gourmet meal or snack.

How to use Truffle Salt

Truffle salt is best used as a finishing salt, not as a cooking salt. Truffle salt does not hold its flavor for very long under high heat, so it is best if you use or sprinkle this luxurious spice as an add-on for your favorite dishes.

Because truffle has a strong aroma and flavor, a little of this salt goes a long way!

5 uses for Truffle Salt

1. Truffle Salt Popcorn

Elevate this iconic snack with the luxurious flavor of truffle salt! Make stove-top popcorn, which takes about ten minutes to make. Once you remove it from the heat, sprinkle a bit of truffle salt on your freshly popped popcorn!

2. Truffle Salt French Fries

The most common way to use truffle salt is on French fries! You’ll find this on the menu at some of your favorite restaurants.

Want to try it at home? Here are some recipes to try to create some mouth-watering, oven-baked French fries.

And once they’re out of the oven, sprinkle the truffle salt over the fresh fries! Delizioso!

3. Simple Pasta with Truffle Salt

Low on groceries? Elevate a simple pasta dish with some Truffle Salt!

Once your pasta is done cooking, simply drain it, then toss it with a bit of Truffle oil and Truffle salt (remember, a little of each goes a very long way!), and enjoy!

4. Truffle Salt Butter Grilled Steak

Is Truffle Salt good on steak? The answer is YES, in moderation!

Remember that truffle loses its flavor under high heat. Because of this, it is best if you use regular salt to marinate the steak or red meat prior to cooking.

Then add Truffle Salt after the steak is done cooking.

A delicious tip: top the steak with ½ a teaspoon of butter, then sprinkle the Truffle Salt over the butter.

5. Truffle Scrambled Eggs

A simple, yet elegant addition to spruce up your breakfast! Scramble your eggs however you wish (here’s a simple recipe we love!).

Once you’ve removed them from the heat, sprinkle a dash of Truffle Salt onto the scrambled eggs and stir them a bit, and you’ve got yourself a luxurious breakfast in less than ten minutes!

Our Black Truffle Salt

Olive Morada’s Black Truffle Salt is an exquisite combination of imported black truffles from Italy and all-natural sea salt. Using just a pinch of Olive Morada’s salt is enough to bring its extraordinary flavor to any dish.