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Where do your oils come from?

We follow the harvest around the globe to ensure that we always carry the freshest olive oil possible! The Northern hemisphere harvests olives and presses them into olive oil in October through December (depending on the yearly climates by region), and we start getting them in our stores in March. Meanwhile, the Southern Hemisphere does the same in April through June and we'll see them in stores around the beginning of September. Our oils come from various countries- Italy, Spain, Tunisia, Australia, Chile and various others.

We have strict standards and form close partnerships with independent farms all over the world. We often pay a premium to buy the fruit on the tree and have it pressed and processed to meet our strict quality standards. Our oils and harvested within 1-4 hours of being picked and standards can also include harvesting the olives just before they are ripe, crushing the fruit before it is ripe produces lower acidic oil. Crushing the fruit before it is ripe does provide one major benefit: the acidity levels are much lower in unripe fruit. Since the primary chemical test for grading olive oil focuses on acidity level. Which then answers the next question about frying…


What is the shelf life of Olive Oil? How should I store it?

All of our oils are unrefined and are therefore best consumed as close to the crush/production dates as possible. If stored properly, our oils will hold their fresh flavor for 9-12 months -nevertheless, depending on the variety, a freshly harvested olive oil could last up to 14 months without losing its sensory characteristics. Store olive oil in an air-tight bottle or container away from light and heat to maintain freshness. Olive Morada bottles are dark and this helps maintain your freshness. It is not recommended to store bottles in a clear container and never use plastic.


Can I fry and bake with Olive Oil?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also wonderful for sautéing or frying, thanks to its high smoke point (410 degrees Fahrenheit) and low acidity level (found in Olive Morada Olive Oil) and the fact that moderate cooking does not destroy the healthy polyphenols EVOO is known for. Baking with olive oil is another great option to reduce fat and make your baked goods more heart-healthy and will add moistness to your recipes. Substitute olive oil for butter in your cake and cookie recipes for a delicious treat without the large amounts of saturated fat or cholesterol. Refer to our conversion chart.