StanzFam - Holiday Favorites Basket

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We are honored that Florida Keys native and sought after swordfish charter boat Capt. Nick Stanczyk loves using Olive Morada products on his fresh catch of the day! Watch Nick and his wife Sara marinate fresh filets with their favorite Olive Morada olive oils over on their YouTube channel at StanzFam YouTube  and enjoy watching Capt. Nick and his wife Sara, along with their sweet daughters Sadie & new arrival baby Claire, as he catches, cleans and cooks!

This product includes Capt, Nick's & Sara's favorite Olive Oils & Balsamic pairing includes:

200 ml (6.7oz) - Tuscan Herb Olive Oil 

60ml (2oz) - Mission Fig Balsamic

200 ml (6.7oz) - Garlic  Olive Oil  

60ml (2oz) - Key Lime Balsamic 

1oz. - gift pack of our top seller -  Charmane's Bread Dip

We suggest pairing the Tuscan and Mission Fig Balsamic together with a sprinkle of Chamane's Bread Dip for an amazing bread dip.  
Our Garlic Olive Oil along with Key Lime Balsamic  is a fantastic marinade for your fish, chicken or pork, brush it on before grilling or marinade for a couple hours then cook it up.  

Option to add slow pourers - Self closing, weighted pour spout. It not only dresses up your bottle, but allows control over your pour - no drip, no mess.