New Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Leccino Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Product Description Early ripening, and a slight blush on the fruit, gives this early harvest Tuscan variety both fruity and slight green characteristics. Creamy, fruity and smooth is displays a sweet finish with desirable avocado and confectionery hints. We love it for its fresh day mild -medium intensity E.V.O.O. personality. Try it paired with Pomegranate Balsamic Condimento  for a surprising sweet drizzle for salads or blanched summer vegetables.

go to site *Polyphenols: 233                     *FFA: 0.15
*Oleic Acid: 78.6                       *Peroxide: 5.3
*DAGs:  95.1                             *PPP: 0.4

enter site Country of Origin:  Italy

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Price 200 ml $12.95, 375 ml $17.95



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